Saturday, 8 March 2014

Saturday 8th: Feel.

I was just grumbling to myself about how much I dislike changing my sheets.

Because it is a hardship to have to do a small amount of work in order to have a ridiculously comfortable and warm and safe place to sleep, right?

Here's what I will be lying on and under tonight:  a decent sprung bed.  An orthopaedic mattress.  A memory foam mattress topper.  A quilted undersheet.  An expensive soft smooth brushed cotton sheet which will not shift around and get wrinkled.  Any two of four pillows of a variety of softnesses, depending on how I feel.  A feather duvet, also flannelette covered, also soft and smooth, also one of two I have to choose from.

Here's what some people will be sleeping on and under tonight:  pavements and filthy blankets.

Feeling guilty about my absurd luxuries isn't helpful, and I don't.

Being aware of how blessed I am to be able to pay such minute, pampered attention to my physical wellbeing and to how comfortable or otherwise I feel while I sleep is helpful, and I am.

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